Sunday, June 7, 2009

UFO #3 Complete!

This is another shop sample made from an Amy Bradley pattern and Timeless Treasure fabric. I got the binding sewn on all the way around and realized I didn't have enough! Had to take it all off, do a semi-scrappy thing and sew it back on. That'll teach me to wait 3 years to complete a quilt! I put the label on before I had any idea what I would do with the quilt. My Goddaughter came down one weekend and said how much she loved it - SO I added a name, date, and will send it off this week. In other news...I've decided a REALLY good idea is to cut and sew the binding as I'm cutting out my quilt. So, I found a bunch I hadn't done that way and took a little time to get them ready. Psst: Also, please check out the super-awesome Birthday Gift I received from my Wonderful Friend Doris!


Doris said...

I never knew this was an Amy Bradley pattern...huh. It looks fabulous (did you take some detail shots as well? I really love this and I hope Taylor loves it!

Way to go on the binding, girlfriend!


well happy belated birthday! Doris gave you a very sweet little giftie didn't she! Looking forward to June. are you still coming along with Doris?
send me your email, so i can pass along the other info for you... ;-)

ktquilts said...

Over to visit from Rene's! Great idea to cut the binding when you are cutting the fabric!!! I think that I am gonna have to try it this way!!



Herding Grasshoppers said...

(I found you from Amanda's blog...)

LOVE that quilt! Well, it's my happy colors. And the border, well, it makes me think of Wonder Bread :D

So... a wonderful quilt!


hook & needle said...

Sweet quilt, and clever thought on the binding. :) Love your blog!