Sunday, June 7, 2009

UFO #3 Complete!

This is another shop sample made from an Amy Bradley pattern and Timeless Treasure fabric. I got the binding sewn on all the way around and realized I didn't have enough! Had to take it all off, do a semi-scrappy thing and sew it back on. That'll teach me to wait 3 years to complete a quilt! I put the label on before I had any idea what I would do with the quilt. My Goddaughter came down one weekend and said how much she loved it - SO I added a name, date, and will send it off this week. In other news...I've decided a REALLY good idea is to cut and sew the binding as I'm cutting out my quilt. So, I found a bunch I hadn't done that way and took a little time to get them ready. Psst: Also, please check out the super-awesome Birthday Gift I received from my Wonderful Friend Doris!