Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Starting Over...It's becoming a habit

Well - lets see if I can make a go of blogging AGAIN.  I got all hung up on having to have a focus to my blog, (as you can see from my 3 previous posts 3 YEARS ago) put pressure on myself to have a certain number of posts, and thought my writings needed to be "correct".  I'm an all or nothing kind of gal - if I can't keep up with my own expectations - I throw in the towel.  Previous blog focus = Quilting...I LOVE IT!  Truly.  Time I let myself quilt = next to none.  The two little boys shown above are the reason my life changed for the better (most days!)  For a high strung woman like me - it's tough for me to "let go" - let them struggle through differences between each other, ignore the whining, and plan tons of wonderful activities to get us out of the house.  I'm extremely anal retentive about certain things and many times it's easier for me to stay home instead of packing them up (Heaven forbid I forget something and get thrown completely out of whack!).  Home is a controlled environment.  Raising kids is HARD for me but at the end of the day my goal is they KNOW how much I Love them, even with all the mistakes I've made.  Not sure where this blog will lead but tune in if you'd like.


Michelle said...

Oh,my...YES...I would LOVE to "tune in"!!!! I wish you could see the HUGE grin on my face right now!!! Missed you so much in MN, so especially excited to "see" you here!! Love and HUGS ;-)

Rene' said...

Toni, it's great to have you back!!!!! I'm tuning in for all the "Days of Your Lives" ;-) And ditto what Michelle said!!!!

carla said...

Hi!!! I will be following!!! Welcome back!!!